Reviews | Super Awesome Macho - Deep Water [2014, self-released]

by Sam Sinister

Tongue-in-cheek, egomaniacal, and self-referential amalgam of punk, surf, hard rock, and garage, sung by an ageless ginger army vet. Quite a few numbers even hinge on all-out American-style psychobilly—sans the usual upright bass, or any obvious cowpunk and honky-tonk influences—sounding something like horror punk songs, minus the horror. 
The lyrics are hilarious slabs of satire and over-the-top bravado, referencing everything from Star Wars, junk food, drug addicts, unicorns, cowboys, Youngstown, video games, girls, and monster trucks, all while showcasing the sonic monstrosity that is Greasy Steve Dixon's guitar work, which sounds something like a Frankenstein's monster pieced together from parts of Dick Dale, Poison Ivy Rorschach, and Greg Ginn. Singer Texas Pete Wildman croons and hiccups in a style that's equal parts punk and roots. 
The entire thing was recorded live by Tommy Horror in a warehouse, in one take—so it's obviously raw. Surprisingly, though, it's an extremely professional-sounding recording of a band that's obviously tight and well-rehearsed. 
A for effort, or is it E for effort? E for Everyone. A for Awesome. Whatever. As far as replay value, it's only left my CD player twice—briefly, mind you—in the week I've had it. Can't wait for the next one. Bring it!

[Get the CD album here. Listen to schtuff here.]