Columns | i am not my hair; or rather, i am which is why you shouldn't touch me.

by whiskey

so listen up, sugar lumps.

i change my hairstyle semi-regularly. it can be short, fluffy, and coily or long in braids or loose fun and textured curls. whatever style it is, it is mine. and you do not have the right to touch me.

you read that right, ya walnuts.

you (yes, you!) do not have the right or agency to touch me without asking my permission. “but your hair! it’s so big/fluffy/pretty/interesting/gorgeous! I MUST TOUCH.” no, you must not touch! my hair is a part of me, even if it’s not all mine. when you visit a museum, do you put your hands all over the artwork? my hair is part of my body & unless i have expressly told you it’s okay to touch me, you don’t get to place your hands on the masterpiece.

do we understand each other, my lil’ pumpkin spice lattes?

wonderful. carry on.