Columns | Why Punk Rock Feminists Tend to Be Better Feminists Than the Other Idiots Who Claim the Title

By Mondo Carnage

Feminism: The word has come to have a ton of definitions according to the person's opinion on the movement. One person can view it as a positive movement, made to improve gender equality; another to expand specifically women's rights; a "dangerous" movement, used to promote sexism
against men; or a complete and total joke (if you're a misogynistic asshole).

I personally view feminism as a movement to promote equality amongst the sexes and for all genders. Although it started out to improve equality for women, my belief is that this goal can never be reached without focusing on equality for all, so the definition should therefore expand. This, therefore, is why I make the claim that punk rock feminists are the ones that actually got feminism right.

(Disclaimer: This is based entirely on anecdotal evidence, so it could be total bullshit, but I'm making the argument anyway, even if only for the sake of writing).

From my own experience, people who listen to punk rock and are feminists actually want equality for everyone. They don't spew some anti-sex bullshit message, nor do they support the idea that the male sex is filled with rapists and are, for some reason, subhuman. This is  probably due to the diversity of ideas that punk rock creates, and widens the paradigm of individuals who see the world in shades of gray, instead of black and white (with a few exceptions). I've seen punk rock feminists support men who've been raped by women, and stood by men who've been sexually harassed. I've also seen punk rock feminists fight for transgender rights as well.

However, on the other side of the spectrum, within the realm of YouTubeland, it seems this type of feminism—unfortunately—has not expanded outside of punk rock. For some reason, I end up running into videos of women in their 20s ranting like they've read the S.C.U.M. Manifesto way too many times. I've heard things from them saying that all sex is rape, women should be modest because men treat women who wear skimpy outfits as objects (this is true only if the man is a fucking asshole; most men know there's a damn human being in that outfit), and men should be put into certain classes that expose how shitty we are, because a few select individuals of the male sex are terrible human beings, so the majority must be, too.

That logic reminds me of uber-conservative ideologies like "all Muslims are bad," and so they should have to wear markings to identify themselves as Muslim.

Not only this, those internet feminists refuse to acknowledge that women can also rape men, and the fact that men are subjugated to the same victim blaming as women. Because we all know, if a man has a boner, he must be asking for sex, or even if a man is intoxicated he still wants sex, because men just want sex, right? So therefore, no one can rape a man, according to this mentality.

Which is why I say, "thank you," to the punk rock feminists that expose the world to what feminism really is, and tell the internet plague of pseudo-feminists to go fuck off. Because the punk rock feminist fights against the double standards that those sexists spew from their mouths.